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Endodontics in Arlington Heights, IL

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Endodontics focuses on the treatment of injury and disease that impacts the dental pulp (inside) of your teeth. A root canal is a common endodontic procedure. Our dentists utilize endodontic treatments whenever possible to repair and save teeth as opposed to extracting the damaged teeth.

In few cases, a root canal alone cannot save a tooth and Endodontic Surgery is necessary. There are several types of Endodontic Surgery available in the Arlington Heights area.

Types of Endodontic Surgery in Arlington Heights

There are several types of endodontic surgery that our doctor may use to treat endodontic issues. One of these surgeries is an apicoectomy; during an apicoectomy, inflamed or infected tissue is removed as well as the end of the root.  After this surgery is completed, the bone will heal around the end of the root.

When you visit our office, our staff will discuss the options and outcomes of endodontic surgery in Arlington Heights with you if this is necessary.


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