Bone Grafting in Arlington Heights, IL

While bone grafting might sound like a scary procedure, it is a routine, painless, and predictable procedure that will help maximize the outcome of a dental implant. When you lose a tooth, the bone in your jaw will decay with time because the natural root of your tooth has been removed. This bone decay can lead to other oral health problems down the road. For this reason, dental implants are considered one of the best options for restoring an extracted tooth as they take the place of a natural root.

However, many patients who need dental implants are also likely to be informed that they require a bone graft. The need for bone grafting has been reduced significantly in recent years thanks to various treatment options that help to preserve the bone in your jaw following tooth loss. However, there are still circumstances that require patients to get a bone graft.

The good news is that bone grafts now typically only require small, minimally-invasive interventions. Now, a bone graft can be managed right inside the dental office. And, it no longer requires using your own bone for the graft. New technology has allowed for the xenografts, which allow dentists to use processed bone that has been harvest from animals, such as cows.

Xenografts have been sterilized and are composed only of the bone’s mineral content. All organic material has been removed. Bovine bone, the bone of cows, has become commonplace as a graft material for oral surgeries for years now.

It is found to be very effective as a “biological placeholder” which means that it prevents the collapse of surrounding tissues. Guided tissue regeneration then takes place in the body, which allows your body to recognize the graft as natural bone with time. The bone will then be reabsorbed and replaced with your own native bone.

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