Partial Dentures in Arlington Heights, IL

Missing teeth can make speaking and eating difficult and uncomfortable. For those reasons, a patient suffering from missing teeth could greatly benefit from partial dentures. Partial dentures have countless health benefits beyond making speaking and eating comfortable and carefree again.

One of the primary oral health reasons to replace missing teeth is because having a gap in your mouth can lead to surrounding teeth to shift out of place. Missing teeth can also affect your bite alignment, placing additional stress on your jaw or surrounding teeth. Shifted teeth are often more difficult to clean, which can further contribute to teeth decay and other oral health issues.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Partial dentures are placed by using an acrylic base matched to the color of your gums. Typically, this base covers up the metal framework that will hold your partial dentures in place. If you have natural teeth on either side of your partial dentures, your dentist may recommend crowns (or “caps”). These will be installed on your natural teeth to help hold your partial dentures in place.

With partial dentures, the rest seats that help position your dentures and keep them secure in your mouth are visible, but their appearance is minimal.

You will need to practice with taking your removable partial dentures in and out. At first, it may feel odd or tight. After a few weeks, you will adapt to the feeling of your partial dentures and taking them in and out. Partial dentures are very durable and highly functional; however, you should never bite down to get them into place as this can break the clasps.

As you grow accustomed to your partial dentures, you will be able to speak and eat normally again, but you’ll still want to be careful about what kinds of food you consume.

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