Dental Implants in Arlington Heights, IL

Whether it happens with age or due to early onset tooth decay, the loss of a tooth can lead to cosmetic issues and trouble chewing, speaking, and swallowing. If you have lost a tooth, it can leave you feeling less confident in your smile and wanting to cover up your teeth when you laugh or speak. The loss of a tooth can also make it harder or even uncomfortable to enjoy your favorite foods, and losing a tooth can give way to bone decay within your jaw.

When the root of a tooth is removed from your gums, your jaw bone will begin decaying naturally. This can lead to serious issues if allowed to continue, which is why dental implants are a popular option. While a dental bridge will fill the gap on the surface, fixing the cosmetic side of things, it will not do anything to stop the bone loss from no longer having a natural tooth.

A dental implant, on the other hand, places an implant inside the bone which acts just like the root of a tooth. This stops bone loss in its tracks and helps make for a more secure and natural-looking solution to tooth loss. In fact, dental implants are considered one of the best and most natural-looking solutions to tooth loss and other tooth problems.

Dental implants could be just what you need to restore a beautiful, natural-looking smile and get your confidence back! As a permanent solution, you’ll be able to brush them, eat with them, and live with them just like you would a real, natural tooth.

If you are suffering from a missing tooth and would like more information about dental implants in Arlington Heights, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


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