Dental Crowns in Arlington Heights, IL

Adults of all ages occasionally suffer from serious dental decay that can lead to them needing a dental crown. When a cavity has grown so large that it threatens the health of a tooth, a crown may be placed to cover or encircle the tooth. This will help protect food, drinks, and temperature from affecting the nerves of the tooth. It can also help ensure the structural integrity of the tooth and stop the cavity from growing larger.

How are Dental Crowns Placed?

A crown is shaped in-office and then bonded to the tooth using dental cement. This will keep it securely in place for years to come. However, crowns can come loose on occasion if not installed properly. Anyone with a loose crown, or a crown that has fallen off, should consult a dentist immediately so that they can have it replaced.

A crown can help protect a cracked tooth from breaking and it can also work to hold together the pieces of a fractured tooth. Crowns are typically the first step to repairing a person’s smile in such a situation. Complete removal of the tooth is usually considered as a last resort, only if a crown cannot be placed for some reason. This is because removing a tooth can lead to bone decay in the jaw. The only way to avoid bone decay is to remove the tooth and put an implant in its place, which can be out of the price range of many patients.

Crowns can be very effective at helping restore a person’s smile if they are properly placed on to the tooth and shaped to fit the person’s bite. A crown may need to be filed down if the person begins experiencing discomfort. It may also need to be removed and replaced entirely if it is loose or not positioned properly on the tooth.

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